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Green Man, Red Woman


National Theatre Wales/Green Man Festival

Devised and Directed by Gerald Tyler


Design by Ruth Stringer

Green Man Red Woman was a promenade performance which encompassed the entire Green Man festival site, culminating in a nighttime ritual in a purpose-built Bower.  


The Bower was built from scratch by myself and director Gerald Tyler, and throughout the festival it became a haven for womenfolk.  I also hosted craft-making workshops in it throughout the day.


A primary aim of my design for Green Man Red Woman was to source and use local and recycled materials to create as many of the set and costume elements as possible.  Like the Australian Bower bird that inspired the structure, all of the wood to construct the bower was found on site, and was decorated with stones, leaves, and anything else I could find to hand in the forest, including the shrapnel from clay pigeons!  The materials for the craft workshops were all second-hand or recycled, and the fairylights within The Bower were powered by rechargeable batteries.

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