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Egin Residency
with National Theatre Wales and National Resources Wales

Supported by National Trust, British Council Wales and Snowdonia National Park

Made in collaboration with Vikram Iyengar

Photography by Shehzad Chowdhury, Steve Peake and Ruth Stringer

Egin is a Welsh word meaning buds or shoots.

Drawing on the stunning Snowdonian landscape, social history and insight from local communities, Egin is an artists' residency which invited us to develop and test new performance ideas in relation to climate change amongst a supportive network of peers, with support from key partners.  Egin seeks to inform new practice, imagine possible futures, and inspire sustainable approaches to living, taking creative experimentation as its starting point.

My own response explored our relationship with the landscape. Alongside dancer-choreographer Vikram Iyengar, I made a series of garments from wood, fern and plastic for Vikram to perform a series of choreographed walks in the local environment. Working with natural and then manmade materials highlighted both our connection to and our alienation from the natural world, the fragility of the garments paralleling the uncertainty of the future in the face of climate change.

I look forward to contiuing with creative responses to the questions and approaches to climate change that I began exploring during Egin.

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