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Creative Classrooms

Pontypridd High School

A Lead Creative Schools project

As Lead Creative Practitioner, I undertook a project to transform a disused classroom into an interactive, exciting space that would enhance science learning. I worked with Key Stage 3 students and their teachers to design and realise the Creative Classroom.  The group contributed directly to the design and its realisation, including painting murals, making a graffiti wall of important terminology and creating a giant sculpture of the digestive system.

The project culminated in the students donning their own specially designed lab coats and taking Key Stage 2 children on a tour of the classroom.  The students split into groups and hosted a demonstration of a topic area, delivered in an original way such as a game, acted out scene or spoken word poem.

I returned to Pontypridd High School in the next academic year to design and realise another creative classroom, this time focussed on literacy skills, out of an old English classroom.  On this occassion I held two workshops with the students to gather information of what they wanted in their creative classroom, then presented them with designs.  Upon their approval I made their classroom, which included an ideas tree, a magnetic wall for posting notes, and an inspiration corner of meaningful images and items.  The classroom was used throughout that terms Lead Creative Schools project.

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