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The Passion

National Theatre Wales/Wildworks


Adapted by Owen Sheers


Directed by Michael Sheen and Bill Mitchell


Set design by Bill Mitchell and Myriddin Pharo


Costume design by Myriddin Pharo and Sue Hill


Lighting Design by Paul Jarvis


In the final production of its inaugral year, National Theatre Wales teamed up with Wildworks and Michael Sheen to create a modern retelling of the Passion story.  Michael Sheen's hometown of Port Talbot became the inspiration and setting of this three-day promenade performance.


Many narratives of the Port Talbot inhabitants were woven into the story by Owen Sheers, and over 1,000 volunteers were involved in the production in making props, performing in choirs and bands, acting, dancing and more.


As a design assistant, I was responsible for creating a site-specific installation on Baglan Hill, which overlooks Port Talbot.  This was the site of The Teacher's encampment, a place of safety and refuge where he and his followers gain temporary reprieve from persecution happening in the town below.  The beautiful perspective of the town from the hillside was enhanced by a pathway of lights visible across the town as night drew in.  


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